Almond Cake

The 6 Most Marie Antoinette Worthy Cakes of Walthamstow

‘Let them eat cake’ were words famously uttered by the French queen, Marie Antoinette. With this in mind, we go in search for the most lavish cakes we can get our mouths around.

When Sofia Coppola released her 2006 biopic of the famous French queen, it was essentially a love letter to extravagance, Moet, macaroons and exquisite looking cakes. Whilst we have all dreamt of being royalty for the day, swanning about Versailles with not a care in the world, we all know where it will get us. As a trip to Madame Guillotine is not top of our bucket list, we think it would be safer to stick with this handy guide to the best cakes in Walthamstow. Although, this is not a definitive list, we think Marie Antoinette would have approved.

 1) Cake of Dreams, Summer Fruit and Flower Cake

Cake of Dreams

Photo: Cake of Dreams

Cake of Dreams is Walthamstow’s answer to Lily Vanilli. These cakes come in all shapes, sizes and flavours but they are all decorated in the most decadent fashion. Shimmer icing, roses, berries and meadow flowers are just a few of the things that make Cake of Dream’s creations so eye catching. This three tiered beauty is certainly fit for a queen with it’s crown of flowers and pearly icing bejewelled with frosted fruit. Let the party begin!

2) Bygga Bo, Almond and Jam Cake 

Bygga BoPhoto: Grace Molan

Bygga Bo’s selection of cakes is worthy of an award in it’s own right. However, there is one cake that really stands out and it is their almond and jam cake. This homemade cake follows a Swedish recipe, keeping to the café’s Scandi theme. We just love how it has been decorated with a sprig of fresh mint leaves and a scattering of pomegranate seeds, making no attempt to hide the oozing jam. Definitely one to try on your next visit.

3) Aura Rose Cakes, Spar E17, Fruit Tarts

Spar E17

Photo: Grace Molan

These delicious fruit tarts look as though they have been taken directly from the set of Coppola’s movie. Decorated with a glistening selection of summer fruits, these tarts are the perfect summer treat. Why not live like a queen and eat one of these for breakfast one lazy weekend? That would make your weekend a whole lot sweeter.

4) Le Delice, Lemon Meringue Tarts

Lemon Meringue Tart

Photo: Le Delice Twitter

Le Delice have taken lemon meringue tarts to the next level with these dainty creations. Perfectly formed meringues crown a gooey lemon curd filling blending sweet with sour. It is easy to imagine these regal looking cakes being served at the court of Versailles, however, we are lucky enough to be served them on Hoe Street.

5) Indulgence, Plum Cake

Plum Cake

Photo: Grace Molan

This delicious plum cake is reminiscent of a Bakewell tart and when served warm, it is the perfect treat to have with a cup of tea. Whilst not extravagant in appearance, this cake makes up for it in taste. The sharpness of the plum is matched with the rich, soft almond flavouring in the sponge, creating a wholesome taste. What is even better is that the staff at Indulgence treat you like royalty, making it even easier to place yourself in Marie Antoinette’s custom made shoes.

6) Suzie’s Kitchen, Spar E17, Pick ‘n’ Mix Cupcakes


Photo: Grace Molan

These pastel pink cupcakes sum up the childish, fun loving side to Marie Antoinette that Sofia Coppola captured so brilliantly in her film. Sherbet flying saucers, dolly mixtures and multi coloured hundreds and thousands all make an appearance on these throwback cupcakes, taking us all back to our long forgotten youth.

Which cakes are worthy of this accolade in your eyes? Tweet us pictures of your Marie Antoinette style cakes @WstowWeekender

Words: Grace Molan