Walthamstow Market

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Walthamstow High Street

Walthamstow market is the unsung hero of our streets. It is the longest market in Europe, measuring one kilometre in length and is open six days a week, providing Walthamstow’s large multicultural community with a wide range of exotic ingredients.

In a series of posts, food writer Kelly Pascall will take us on a journey along the narrow bustling pathway of Walthamstow Market. Those familiar sights of bustling ‘pound a bowl’ fruit and veg stalls, and darkly lit shops selling unusual foodie fare, can seem so familiar, that it is easy to ignore what is actually being sold.

There are currently a number of growing trends taking hold across London, that may spell change for how local people and visitors use our market.  Some people are increasingly concerned with the well-publicised ‘death of the high-street’ and want to  show solidarity to local businesses and independent food vendors.  Others are eager to try the enticing array of global ingredients, popularised by food programmes on television and exotic holidays.

Walthamstow Market is primed to support these trends, with knowledgeable traders eager to share their expertise when it comes to the lesser known foods on offer. What’s even better is that the market is often cheaper and provides a wider range of products than one could hope to reliably obtain in the supermarkets. So quit with the excuses and take the time to explore the different food opportunities along the market.

For more information, please visit the Waltham Forest Council page here

Photos: Grace Molan

Words: Kelly Pascall