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How To Read On Your Commute

Walthamstow Central Station

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According to shocking statistics released on the MailOnline, the average Londoner spends 18 months of their life commuting and around £66,000 for the privilege. Does this ring a bell? Instead of frantically pouring over spreadsheets or catching up on emails, transport yourself  into another world, with a gripping page turner. It will make the fact that you are sandwiched in between other commuters a whole lot more bearable.

We understand it may not be easy to concentrate on a book with all the distractions around you, not to mention the fear of falling asleep before your stop (good job Walthamstow is at the end of the tube line), so we have come up with these handy hints to keep you focussed.

Create A Comfortable Surrounding:

Whilst the thought of squeezing yourself onto a packed carriage or bus may not make your heart sing, it is important that you make yourself as comfortable as possible in the tiny space that you occupy. If you are lucky enough to get a window seat, then you have a handy built in head rest or if you find yourself inhaling the pleasant odour of B.O wafting from a sweaty armpit, a book is the perfect shield.


The perfect playlist is the best way to block out any outside noise that could potentially distract you from your book. After all, no one needs to listen in to that loud phone call conversation going on at the back of the bus. If songs with lyrics leave you reading the same line over and over, why not change your playlist to one full of classical or chill out music. You could even take a listen to our custom made playlists to help you get in the zone.

Choose Your Company Wisely:

When in a rush to get to work, it is easy to grab the first available seat. However, take time to look around you and then decide where to sit. Chances are that you will be able to tell which commuters will keep quiet during the journey and which ones will gossip away. If it is peace and quiet you seek, some trains have a quiet carriage so it is worth making a beeline for that.

Avoid Travel Sickness:

Think travel sickness is just reserved for kids and elderly relatives, think again. When you are reading on a fast moving vehicle the dreaded nausea can inflict anyone, especially on a hot stuffy train. To avoid this, aim to sit in window seat so that you can give your eyes a break every once in a while. Also, try to sit forward facing so that you are facing the direction of travel.

Take A Tablet:

Does lugging an 800 page novel around with you cramp your style? Perhaps it is time to invest in a tablet to read from. This way you will only end up carrying around one item but thousands of books. Your bag will be lighter and your house won’t be overcrowded with dog-eared paperbacks. Because technology is so advanced, you can now get e-readers where the screen resembles pages from a book so that you won’t strain your eyes and others find it harder to suss out what you are reading.

These are just a few of our top tips for surviving that life shortening commute. We will also be suggesting books to read, so that if you are feeling uninspired then inspiration lies just a click away. What are your top tips for commuting to and from Walthamstow? Share them on Twitter with us.

Words: Grace Molan