How To… Decorate With A Housemate

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Chances are, if you are young and living in London you are probably faced with the dilemma of how to decorate your rented space. It is easy to get carried away on Pinterest with endless ideas of how to furnish your home, however, compromise is key when it comes to living with housemates. Despite this, it is important that you still feel at home in your space and we have compiled some handy hints and tips for dealing with this dilemma.

Respect Communal Areas

Regardless of if you have one housemate or five, it is very unlikely that you will all agree on how the house should be furnished. However, whilst it sounds like an impossible task, decorating the communal areas is actually a pretty pain free experience. Go back to basics and focus on the objects that people use everyday. Make these the focus of the room, so for example, in the Kitchen, if the entire house is into making fresh fruit smoothies every morning, consider giving over counter space to the blender and stock the cupboards with the less popular utensils. These areas get used the most so ensure that everything can be cleaned or replaced easily to avoid upset. Keep things neutral within these areas too. Whilst it is nice to let your personality carry through the entire house, your housemates may not appreciate the effort. By keeping the decoration functional and neutral within the communal areas, it is easier for everyone to feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Create Your Own Sanctuary 

Your bedroom is the only room in the house that is strictly your own so make the most of this opportunity and let you imagination run wild. The bedroom doesn’t have to fit in with the style of the rest of the house so create your own little hideaway and really express your personality. That way, you won’t feel so stifled by the décor in the rest of the house and you will have your own little place to escape to when life gives you lemons.

Change It Up

To keep your house feeling fresh and modern, why not update your furnishings every once in a while. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, little things such as changing your cushion covers or using old packaging for trinket pots will allow you to be creative with your home and stop you from getting bored with the décor. You could even pay a visit to Blackhorse Workshop and work on your DIY skills.

Budget, Budget, Budget 

The worst thing about living in shared accommodation is deciding who takes what at the end. Luckily for Walthamstow residents, IKEA is just a 10 minute drive up the road so it is even easier to invest in basics like draining racks and other equally mundane items. If it is not your first house, there is a strong likelihood that housemates will have existing furniture so it may just be a case of investing in some new wall art, blankets for the couch or some new lamps to brighten up the house. Whatever you choose to spend money on, make sure that everyone is clear about who owns what and if you are left with any redundant items there are plenty of charity shops in the Stow who will be more than grateful for your donations.

If you are living with housemates at the moment, what design tips do you have? Just remember, being on good terms with your housemates is far more important than the décor of your house.

Photos: Maegan Tintari

Words: Grace Molan