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Electronic music has finally been given the recognition it deserves from Walthamstow residents, thanks to DJ and producer, Kat Richmond. Electronic 17 launched last year at the annual Stow Festival, bringing together a range of local DJs who are united by their love for house, electronic and techno music. These DJs come from a range of backgrounds with some working professionally within the music industry and others DJing as a hobby.

Electronic 17 have hosted a number of events in the area ranging from their Wild Card Brewery daytime party to their most recent event ‘Spring It On’ at Pulse Studios. Wherever Kat Richmond goes, the party follows, so it is no surprise that these events were a huge success and preparation is already under way for a summer party in June.

Whilst this collective is a much needed part of the Walthamstow music scene, it also provides a springboard for DJs to collaborate together on future projects.  This cross promotion tactic means that Walthamstow will become a hub for electronic DJs across London, with even more local bars, cafés and shops hosting parties. With a ready audience and a team of talented musicians, Electronic 17 is leading the way for Walthamstow’s new generation of DJs providing much needed exposure and support.

“When I moved to the area a couple of years ago, I’d meet local DJs, some playing in the local pubs, others not playing at all, and thought it would be good to try and start a community group and get people together to play to an E17 audience wanting to hear electronic music on their doorstep. I initially approached the Stow Festival organisers last year with the idea to put on an event to showcase some of our local talent. In the end I had to put on three events over the festival weekend. The legacy of this has been the amazing Pulse Studio parties which we throw every three months and we have a summer of daytime parties to look forward to as well. We’re a family who love good music and we get to share it with our friends. What more can you ask for!” Explains Kat Richmond.

Whilst all the Electronic 17 DJs are pretty awesome here are our  highlights. To see the full members list, click here

Kat Richmond

Katherine Richmond DJ

Photo: Kat Richmond

The founder of Electronic 17 and on the managing committee of The Stow Festival, Kat Richmond is a talented DJ and producer living in Walthamstow. She has performed all over the UK at festivals and events and is now dedicated to boosting the exposure of electronic music in E17. Her mixes transport you to the sandy beaches of Ibiza with their mellow, delicate sound. Here is one of her mixes and you can find more on her SoundCloud page.

Toby Oliver

Toby Oliver Dj

Photo: Toby Oliver

Toby is a long time collaborator with Electronic 17 and has been DJing in Walthamstow for the last 4 years. As well as entertaining E17 with his eclectic record collection, he also runs Pulse Studios, a rehearsal and recording studio next door to Blackhorse Workshop. Take a listen to him performing at the Kenton Pub. This mix will start your day off right and we just love how it gently builds through various genres of music. You can check out his other mixes on his soundcloud profile, here.

Tobe Lerone March 2014 by The Kenton Sounds on Mixcloud

Massive Head Soundsystem

Jon Gareze

Photo: Spiritmoves

Massivehead are a record label, promoting a hand picked selection of East London’s finest electronic musicians. Airport Convention, Spiritmoves and Mally, have all performed at Electronic 17’s events under the label and have also collaborated with other DJs in the area at a couple of smaller gigs. Here is a mix from Jon a.k.a Spiritmoves.


Dead Dolls Club

Photo: DJ TBX

If like us, you love nothing better than a chilled out house party with lots of friends and pumped up tunes, then TBX is your girl. Fusing together an eclectic selection of house, disco and 80s hip hop, TBX’s mixes leave you on a high, melting away any negativity you may have had. She has been in the industry for 20 years and has appeared on line ups with Fat Boy Slim, Cypress Hill and Run DMC amongst others. Take a listen to her selection of house party sounds here

TBX’S House Party 14 by Tbx on Mixcloud

There are plenty more talented Electronic 17 members, so be sure to check them out. To find out more and get tickets for the summer party, visit the Electronic 17 Facebook page

Featured Image: Kat Richmond Instagram

Words: Grace Molan