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STATIC is the London based artistic collective comprising of Tom Jackson and Craig Evans. The creative duo began producing their limited edition works of art in 2006 and have been involved in a range of projects since.

Their work blends symbols of pop culture with intricate patterns using a range of techniques such as screen printing and mixed media. In 2010 STATIC decided to work with layered glass, a move that granted them international exposure with shows in Japan, UK, India, Russia, USA, Italy and Singapore. Their work can be found in the private collection of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family and their designs were also used in a collaboration with Activision for the launch of a Call of Duty game in 2014.

Wood Street Walls

Most recently, Jackson and Evans have been working hard to share their work with the community of Walthamstow and have set up the project, Wood Street Walls along with a team of other visionary locals. This initiative aims to fuse connections between local and international artists and decorate the empty walls of E17 with uplifting and fun street art. Walthamstow is a natural choice for STATIC, as it is the home town of Tom Jackson and it is also an area with a rich artistic culture.  Their first wall installation was at the Ravenswood Industrial Estate and it took the form of one of their previous glass works, KIWIDINOK, this time using wood, spray paint and stencils to create the image. The Wood Street Walls team are now hard at work on a series of collaborations including one featuring William Morris and another in collaboration with The Hurricane Room.

STATIC are currently busy preparing for a host of international shows, where they will exhibit their iconic glass work. In the meantime, however, we can all keep up to date with their work through their website and social media.

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Words: Grace Molan