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Alex Garnett

Alex Garnett is a lively and creative designer working with a variety of mediums from graphic design to ceramics. His work combines dark Gothic elements with light hearted tongue in cheek designs whilst always focussing on the surreal.

After graduating from Goldsmiths in 2003, Alex began working under the label MIXKO which he co founded before going solo in 2010 to focus on his own designs. A self taught ceramicist and highly skilled prop maker, Alex has worked with international brands, ranging from Topshop, Paul Smith, Bloomberg and IKEA, to name a few. Now residing in Walthamstow, Alex dedicates his time to producing hand crafted, works of art ranging from greeting cards to modern sculptures.

Alex Garnett

His greeting cards don’t restrict themselves to any occasion, instead, they offer a humorous pocket sized work of art for those ‘I saw this and thought of you’ moments. The card depicting a cigarette riding a gherkin is the perfect example of just how far fetched Alex’s designs are, but somehow, he makes it work. So much so that you find yourself being drawn in, trawling through the website in search for some more equally bizarre art.

Who ever would have thought ice cream cornets would make ideal lights? Well you are in for a treat because as well as the range of skull lanterns and street lamps designed for your home, Alex has ensured our homes are always lit with a sweet glow thanks to his ice cream cone lamps which come in three varieties.  Vases shaped like footballers knees, bowls made to look like deflated footballs and foot stools shaped like spray caps add to the insane selection of goods on offer.

It is evident that Alex Garnett gets his inspiration from the everyday objects that we take for granted. However, it takes an unique brain to master them into surreal works of art. We look forward to seeing Walthamstow’s houses decorated with these quirky objects and we are excited to see what will be designed next. Tea cup bath tubs anyone?

Photos: Alex Garnett

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Words: Grace Molan